Syncmaster PSU

Samsung 932BW Repair

A friend asked me to have a look at a broken monitor, he advised that the screen would come on for only 2 seconds, then go blank.

Right-away I guessed it was a Samsung, a quick google will show that they are renowned for their power-supplies failing.

Usually once you take the power supply out, it’s clear that the capacitors are bulging and need replacing; however these look ok. (click for larger images)

Syncmaster PSU Syncmaster PSU

Probing around the board, I tested the resistance of the windings on transformer (TMS91429CT). One winding appeared to be short, the others showing around 1kΩ.

The transformer was then removed and tested properly, sure enough a short on one of the windings. A new transformer was ordered for a massive £2.93 plus postage.

New transformer soldered in place:

Syncmaster06 Underside

I replaced the two 1000µF caps for good measure and put the board back in the monitor.

Watched anime all day to test it thoroughly:

Cat! Bakemonogatari




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