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WarmCat is a simple blog about stuff that I do for fun.

Over the years, like a lot of people, I start projects and never really quite finish them; or if I do manage to finish them, they end up in a drawer somewhere forgotten about!
So I thought it would be nice to have some kind of ‘record’, like a diary if you will. Perhaps one of my projects will inspire or help someone else.

Feel free to contact me for whatever reason: waynekjones AT gmail.com

– Wayne


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Wayne,

    I might be interested in your 6×14 segment Backpack display.
    Can you give me the dimensions (MMxMM) of the segments.
    Are they for sale? I might need 1 for my DCF77 clock project.
    What’s your price and posting costs to the Netherlands?

    Looking for your reply.
    Best Regards Hans

    1. Hey Hans,
      Physical dimensions of the display is 49mm x 15mm
      Each digit is 6.3mm x 10mm

      I’ve been meaning to get a large batch manufactured, however I have the parts so I can put one together by hand for you. Only problem is I’m not currently at home, I’m away at sea for another two weeks.

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